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Antimicrobial surface treatment

Antimicrobial surface treatment for offices and hospitals

With Coronavirus persisting for more than six months now, it is impossible to keep offices shut. Moreover, this is the time when hospitals are invaluable to the country. With such a crisis enveloping the nation, it is essential to think about protection from microorganisms. While basic hand sanitizers and PPE kits are distributed everywhere, an antimicrobial surface treatment for offices and hospitals is inevitable. Why do offices and hospitals need an antimicrobial surface treatment? Offices and hospitals witness multiple people walking...
Airborne transmission of COVID-19 confirmed by WHO

Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 Confirmed By WHO

Hospitality services were taken by a major shock when the World Health Organization confirmed that COVID-19, the virus responsible for the recent pandemic, could be airborne and can survive in the atmosphere for up to 8 hours. This has led to changes in the societal rules, regulations, and the treatment process of the infected patients as well. Hospitality services worldwide are trying to accommodate their services accordingly, in light of the recent update of this virus by the WHO....

Guest House Management Services

In the present-day scenario, improving and maintaining your guesthouse's presentation creates a great first impression in front of your guests and helps in contributing to their enjoyment by providing them with a pleasant stay. Guest house management services help you to focus on essential matters like business development and client acquisition by taking care of your housekeeping and maintenance services. What services fall under Guest House Management? Guest house management companies give assurance of a comfortable stay and a delightful experience...

Facility Management Services in India

Ever wondered who takes care of all the office buildings and other large and small complexes? It is hard to keep a property running where there are so many parts involved in the property, and therefore, facility management services have become the need of the hour! Facility Management Services include all the essential services required to maintain a place. The scope of each place's facility management will vary, but a facility manager oversees the exterior and the interior of a...
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