Smart Surface Disinfection Program

Smart Surface Disinfection program improving efficiency and offering cost-benefits

RARE has always been committed to introducing innovative facility management practices in India. Our Smart Cleaning Program is powered by advanced technologies and scientific approaches. Instead of using a traditional mop and bucket approach, the Smart Surface Disinfection Program focuses on using mechanized technologies for better outcome. Hygiene and Infection prevention & control is always at the core of what we do.

Why Choose Our Smart Surface Disinfection Program?

Effective Assessment

Effective assessment with intelligent planning of resources through time and motion studies and demand versus supply.

Wash Room Management Program

Hygiene Management keeping washrooms clean and disinfected ensuring enhanced user experience.

Smart Scheduling

Focussed group activities to improve speed and efficiency.

Quality Management Systems

Digitized platform for Real Time Health Index and efficient people and resource management.

Floor Care Program

Restoration and maintenance of hard and soft Floors enhancing aesthetic beauty.


High Productivity mechanization and using optimized resources.

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