Healthcare Facility Management Solutions

Comprehensive Healthcare Facility Management Services for Improved Healthcare Operations and Infection-free Environment

Hygiene and Infection control protocols in healthcare establishments like hospitals matter a lot as it impacts a patient’s well-being and recovery. Hospitals all around the globe struggle to bring down the rate of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), improve indoor air quality in critical areas and ensure sterile environment across patient High Touchpoints in discharge rooms.
With decades of experience & knowledge leadership in healthcare facility management, RARE provides comprehensive solutions for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We offer exclusive environmental cleaning and infection prevention solutions like SSDP (Smart Surface Disinfection Program) & Anti-Microbial surface treatment.
Our specialised Smart Cadre Porter program along with asset operations & maintenance program not only increases productivity but also increases ROI with lower costs. Using advanced hygiene and facility management protocols, we ensure that the infection levels stay in control and patients can enjoy a clean and sterile environment that fosters speedy recovery.

An improved version of cleaning by adopting change management based on systemic approach and transformation in process, product & method. Focused on reducing HAI, Improving patient well-being and enhancing organisation credibility.


    • Smart Surface Disinfection Program
      Smart cleaning with Infection prevention & control protocols, discharge room protocols, High Touchpoints cleaning, colour code to control cross contamination & ATP meter based instant pathogen level check
    • Airbone Infection Control and Prevention
      Upper room Germicidal Ultraviolet Technology – UGUV is a WHO & US CDC recommended and proven technology that helps irradiate air in the upper room which may be potentially contaminated with pathogens. This in turn reduces the risk of disease transmission to patients, staff & visitors

GUV light in operating room

IoT based Intelligent Portering system that automates all service request and Job allocation to improve productivity of service workers, reduces 20% labour cost, Real-time tracking (Any type of Transport – Patient, Pharmacy, Wheelchair, Stretcher etc.)


  • iBeacon based solution.
  • Patient outcoms & cost reduction.
  • Real-time location & updates.
  • Effective porter tracking and management.
  • Auto job allocation.
  • Intelligent analytics & reporting for management.
GUV light in operating room


  • Safe workplace for Staff Safe Hospital for Patients
  • Automated Paperless Attendance & Task Management
  • Prioritization of tasks, skills Dynamic allocation of tasks
  • Location Tracking of Staff, Assets Location Based Optimization
  • Bi-Directional Governance Contracts and SLA Management
  • Sensor Based Monitoring Automated Performance KPIs
  • Self Learning Systems AI Based Engine
  • Dynamic Analytics & Dashboards Alerts Driven Tasks and Response
GUV light in operating room

Why Choose Our Healthcare Facility Management Solutions?

Reduction in Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI)

Cutting-edge facility management practices to minimize the chances of hospital acquired infection (HAI) across the facility.

Biomedical Waste Management

Efficient team of qualified and highly trained professionals for managing the Biomedical Waste Management Program.

Infection Prevention and Control Protocol

End-to-end infection control procedures designed to provide a sterile environment and prevent cross contamination.

Healthcare FM Training – Inclusive of Clinical & Non-Clinical

Customized Healthcare Facility Management training programs for your internal teams for day-to-day facility maintenance.

Healthcare Quality Management System

Digitized platform for Real Time Health Index and efficient people and resource management.

Adherence to NABH & JCI Protocols

Our Professionals are SMEs for successful handling of NABH and JCI audit norms ensuring total compliance with applicable infection control practices.

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