Comprehensive Facility Management

Comprehensively integrating the various services to function seamlessly is our strengths at RARE. Having served Indian organizations for more than a decade, our experts are well-equipped to handle comprehensive facility management requirements for any sector.
From intelligent security solutions through SIS, Smart IoT based building maintenance Program to Smart Cleaning Program, RARE has curated operating champions in multiple sectors. Thinking team of engineers and hoteliers form the Centre of Excellence at RARE India. We follow international best practices and make use of modern technological tools to ensure the best results.

Why Choose Comprehensive Facility Management?

CMMS Model

We maintain all utilities through IoT and AI based smart Computerised Maintenance Management System which drives productivity, enhances equipment life cycle and reduces opex.

High ROI

Our strategic and cost-efficient facility management operations are designed to bring down your cost of operations and promise higher RoIs.

High Productivity

Our solutions are designed to ensure optimal utilization of resources for maximized productivity and efficiency.

Inclusive Annual Maintenance

We provide an option to sign up for our services for the entire year through inclusive AMC contracts.

Diagnostic Maintenance and Root Cause Analysis

We perform periodic diagnostic checks for analyzing the root cause of a problem and if a facility requires any additional attention.

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