Importance Of Sanitization in Your Organization and Ways to Maintain It

Importance Of Sanitization in Your Organization and Ways to Maintain it

Importance Of Sanitization in Your Organization and Ways to Maintain It

The world has experienced a major setback because of the pandemic and suffered on the personal, financial, and professional front! The relevance of personal hygiene and sanitization, whether at home or workplace, has now become an immediate concern.

However, several industries are under the misconception that cleaning and sanitization mean the same thing.

Cleaning removes dust, dirt, and debris from surfaces and can be completed by brooming, mopping, scrubbing, washing, and rinsing. On the other hand, sanitization and disinfecting eliminate germs and bacteria from every nook and corner of the workplace, including surfaces, using chemical-based products.

Sanitization destroys bacteria, germs, and viruses present on hard or non-porous surfaces. It is a more dependable way to reduce the risk of transferring germs from surfaces through contact.

It is critical to include hygiene and sanitization protocols, especially in workplaces, to keep your employees, who spend around 25-30% of their entire day at work, healthier and more productive. CDC and WHO (plus similar organizations) have established guidelines regarding the sanitization of workplaces for commercial building owners and operators to follow.

The leaders must hire professional services to sanitize workplaces, which is the most reliable, economical, and common way to protect people from all risks.

In this article, we have provided some of the best sanitization practices to follow to minimize risk.

Importance of Sanitization in Workplaces

Below are some reasons why disinfection services are mandatory for organizations.

  1. Regular and professional sanitization practices in workplaces improve employee productivity, performance, and holistic well-being.
  2. This process helps prevent health problems and eliminates exposure to bacteria, mold, and viruses, as recommended by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  3. Helps prevent the risk of accidents and cluttered environments
  4. One of the biggest benefits of professional sanitization services is to improve the ventilation and air quality in commercial buildings.
  5. Taking care of organizational sanitization can lead to other benefits like low absenteeism, low attrition, higher employee satisfaction levels, and repeat business.
  6. Sanitation facilities are required per government regulations and are subject to the Cleanliness Act. Unannounced inspections and audits can be conducted to check the level of hygiene in workplaces.
  7. Finally, a fully sanitized organization increases your brand value and credibility and makes a good impression which eventually helps you retain employees and customers.

How to Ensure Sanitation in Offices?

Below are some ways to help you keep your workplace well-sanitized and disinfected.

Keep Your Workspace Organized

Some of the core areas that need extra attention while disinfecting your workplace are:

  • Work desks
  • Break Rooms
  • Computer Keyboards
  • Telephones
  • Penholder and Writing Utensils
  • Desktops and other surfaces

Here are some ways that can help you in keeping your workplace organized:

  1. Make sure the workplace environment is clutter-free and everyday cleaning procedures are followed using environment-friendly products.
  2. Maintain a cleaning checklist for all areas of your workplace and make sure the responsibility of removing the trash daily is carried out by a responsible person.
  3. Make sure your cleaning products are stocked up.
  4. Ensure that all cables and wires are nicely organized and well-managed to avoid unforeseen accidents.

Ensure Ventilation

You must get your HVAC systems cleaned regularly, as these are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. There are more air pollutants indoors than outdoors.

Keep your workplace properly ventilated, ensuring it meets the IAQ levels suggested by CDC or WHO.

Promote Employee Well-Being

Ensure your workplace is well-equipped with sanitizers, tissues, wipes, and other chemical-free products. Encourage employees to always wash their hands, keep their desktops clutter-free, and take workplace hygiene seriously.

You can install posters or circulars regarding maintaining a well-sanitized organization to remind your employees.

Conduct Regular Audits

Conduct regular supervision, monitoring, and audits of commercial properties and high-touch surfaces that can harbor millions of bacteria.

This can include maintaining hygiene around surfaces like lifts, light switches, staircase railings, furniture, water coolers, door handles, or even coffee stations.

Introduce a Hygiene Policy

Planning, circulating, and implementing a hygiene policy within the workplace is of paramount importance. A well-drafted policy should be percolated to all your staff members so that your expectations and intention of keeping the workplace environment free from externalities and hygiene hazards are clear.

Have these policies framed and place them in important corners of the organization

Ensure the Restrooms Are Well-Maintained

Keeping the washrooms well-maintained, clean, and sanitized is of utmost importance. Install hand dryers, air fresheners, and sanitizers in restrooms.

This is one place where diseases and infections can generate. So, you are responsible for equipping these spaces with modern tools and appropriate equipment.

Follow Resources From Credible Sources

Always rely on credible sources like The World Health Organization, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for details, implementation of sanitization practices, updates, and instructions.

Stay updated with the information circulated about maintaining safety and health measures in workplaces.

Create an Outbreak Preparedness Process

It is essential to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. Since the pandemic, every organization should be ready to deal with outbreaks, which can negatively impact the working of the business or be detrimental to the health of your employees.

Take additional sanitization measures to deal with the crisis and be cautious enough to identify symptoms of outbreak infection.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

Finally, let professionals handle the sanitization and disinfection of your workplace.

Their expertise, know-how of the latest means and products, and professionalism in covering every space is their forte, and this is what you need to keep your organization infection-free.


Now that you are aware of the relevance of sanitization in workplaces, there is a reason why we recommend hiring professional services for the same.

A professional facility management service provider will use the best methods, upgraded, environment-friendly, sterile and chemical-based procedures, and professional expertise to disinfect and sanitize your workplace.

They are well-versed in cleaning and hygiene techniques and have all equipment and tools at your disposal, as well as quality government-approved cleaning products. Their expertise and experience give you a highly-sanitized and infection-free environment for your employees, visitors, and clients.

Head over to RARE Hospitality to learn more about the solutions available.

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