How Is Anti-Microbial Treatment Useful In Maintaining Hospital Hygiene?

How Is Anti-Microbial Treatment Useful In Maintaining Hospital Hygiene?

When a topic of discussion is around hospitals and medical centers, people generally talk about surgeries and treatments alone. While these are an integral part of healthcare, there are other areas and departments as well. Sanitation and hygiene are such areas.

Hospital hygiene is critical now as germs and pathogens are increasing at an alarming rate. Without hospital hygiene, the contaminants would increase, causing a spread of infections among the patients.  

Today, there are many methods and approaches to maintain hospital hygiene, especially with advancements in science and technology. One such method is the anti-microbial treatment.  

Here, you will learn everything about the anti-microbial treatment, its benefits and uses, and how it can improve hospital hygiene.  

 What is Anti-microbial Treatment? 

Firstly, microbes are tiny organisms that live in the air, water, and soil. Estimates state that there are approximately one trillion species of microbes on our planet. Some of these microbes are good for us, while some are harmful and dangerous. These microbes include viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoans.  

Antimicrobial, as the name suggests, refers to things that are against microbes. Anti-microbial treatment is the process that involves killing microbes to reduce the transmission of diseases.  

This technique effectively removes harmful disease-causing microbes from the hospital floors, commonly used areas like washrooms, and surfaces like switches, handles, tables, etc.  


Anti-Microbial V/S Anti-Biotic – What Is The Difference? 

Anti-biotics is a common term used in the healthcare sector. So, what is the difference between anti-biotics and anti-microbial? 

Anti-microbial attacks all microbes, like bacteria and viruses, whereas anti-biotic attacks the bacteria alone. Antibiotics are used to treat infections caused by bacteria.  

In simpler words, if anti-microbial is a set, then anti-biotics is its subset.  


The Anti-microbial Process 

There are many methods through which the cleaning and disinfection department in the hospitals can disinfect surfaces. Each method has its purpose. For instance, 

  • You can use soaps for basic cleaning to remove dust and dirt. 
  • For cleaning small surfaces and equipment, like thermometers, you can use alcohol-based sanitizers and disinfectants. 
  • You can utilize Hydrogen Peroxide to disinfect major equipment and even hospital surfaces to eradicate viruses.  

However, the anti-microbial treatment is most effective against all sorts of microbes. This process involves adding a chemical layer on the surfaces to attack all the microbes on them.  

Anti-microbial treatment works at the cellular level and damages the microbes’ protein, cell membrane, DNA/RNA, and other internal systems for added efficiency. This comprehensive attack stops the growth and reproduction of all microbes.  


Benefits of The Anti-microbial Process 

1. Reduced Microbes  

A massive benefit of this process is its ability to reduce and eliminate all the microbes from the surface. A reduction in microbial levels will help in making your hospital a safe and sterile place.  


2. Improved Health 

All these microbes are harmful to the human body and can cause diseases. They can also spread throughout the hospital and attack patients who are already vulnerable. These infections are called hospital-acquired infections (HAI), and they are a massive threat in hospitals. 

Research also shows that the mortality rate and the length of stay in ICUs are high for patients suffering from HAIs.  

As the anti-microbial treatment reduces microbes, the spread of infections is also restrained, thus reducing HAIs, and improving overall health.  


3. Higher Savings 

As mentioned earlier, the anti-microbial treatment can even stop the reproduction of microbes. This feature removes the necessity to carry out intensive disinfection programs every day, thereby saving your money and resources.  

The anti-microbial treatment also prevents staining and discoloration on the surfaces. This increases the lifespan of all the coated surfaces and reduces frequent replacements.  


Anti-microbial Treatment Solutions  

Technology doesn’t stop when it makes a breakthrough. Scientists and researchers continue to leverage technology to improve the product. The same applies to the anti-microbial treatment – innovating the process to enhance the effectiveness and making it perfect for all conditions.   


Reduce Microbes and Infections the RARE Way 

RARE India is a pioneer in hospitality services and facility management. For over 30 years, we have served more than 50 companies from different sectors, including healthcare. Through our services and solutions, we focus on delivering high-quality and efficient results at all times. 

Our Life Shield Anti-microbial Surface Treatment is a one-stop solution for all your microbe-related worries. To enhance effectiveness, we use an active chemical in the treatment. When the anti-microbial coat is added to a surface, this chemical bonds with the different surface layers and forms a microscopic protective shield.  

Due to a saline base in the anti-microbial composition, our protective shield retains its strength for almost 90 days, thus making it long-lasting. Once the surface is treated, we also monitor and check if the surface is sterile through swab tests. 

Apart from eliminating pathogens and having long-term effectiveness, our treatment is also highly adaptable. The chemical solution works well on metallic and non-metallic surfaces and does not wear off with regular cleaning.  



Germs and harmful microbes will infest your hospital if you do not maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness. These microbes will then spread throughout your facility, attack patients and hospital staff, and cause infections.  

Ensure that you stop this from happening or break the chain before the situation spirals out of control. Create a non-penetrable anti-microbial shield with RARE Hospitality India today. Feel free to get in touch with us for more details.  

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