Antimicrobial surface treatment for offices and hospitals

Antimicrobial surface treatment

Antimicrobial surface treatment for offices and hospitals

With Coronavirus persisting for more than six months now, it is impossible to keep offices shut. Moreover, this is the time when hospitals are invaluable to the country. With such a crisis enveloping the nation, it is essential to think about protection from microorganisms. While basic hand sanitizers and PPE kits are distributed everywhere, an antimicrobial surface treatment for offices and hospitals is inevitable.

Why do offices and hospitals need an antimicrobial surface treatment?

Offices and hospitals witness multiple people walking in and out daily. While an office is always full of different strata employees, the hospitals are a hub for countless patients and staff members. Evidently, there is a high possibility for linen, seats, devices, and other clothing to become breeding grounds of bacteria and other viruses. Thus, antimicrobial surface treatment is an excellent way to ensure that you take all the necessary precautions for safety. Continue reading ahead to learn about the benefits.

What are the benefits of antimicrobial surface treatment?

  • Keep surface protected for 90 days

The most critical advantage of hospitality services is that they help you to safeguard your property for up to 90 days. It implies that you are better protected. However, this does not mean that the property does not need to be cleaned regularly. It merely serves as a layer of extra protection.

  • Effective against all microorganisms

The world has several types of microorganisms all around. The conventional market products may not always be effective against all of these. Thus, a treatment provides you a standard and universal solution. On the other hand, you can opt for specific products when you are thinking of daily cleaning.

  • Prevents cross-contamination

Last but not least, an antimicrobial surface treatment can also help you prevent cross-contamination. Let’s assume that a seat cover in the office or hospital is infected. So, the next person sitting on it is automatically exposed to the adverse effects. Proper treatment can prevent such transmission and create a safer work environment.

Provider of antimicrobial surface treatment

RARE Hospitality is a leading hospitality services provider that works across hotels, offices, hospitals, banks, educational institutes, and likewise. With over three decades of experience, the professional and well-trained team understands how to adapt to the changing needs of the world. Thus, you can now easily opt for antimicrobial surface treatment by booking yourself an appointment. Get in touch with the team to know more.

Why should you choose RARE Hospitality?

  • Easy booking

Booking an appointment with RARE Hospitality, one of the top hospitality companies in India, is effortless. With offices in eight major cities in India, you can reach out to the team via email or call anytime.

  • Renowned clientele

RARE Hospitality has served a long list of clients, including top names such as ICICI Bank, Fortis Healthcare, Marriott, Bajaj Electricals, Tata Steel, XLRI, and Antilia, to name a few.

  • One-stop solution for hospitality services

RARE Hospitality, one of the top hospitality services in India, offers a long list of services such as mechanized housekeeping, hospital housekeeping, General Duty Associates (GDA), and more.


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