Facility Management Services in India


Facility Management Services in India

Ever wondered who takes care of all the office buildings and other large and small complexes? It is hard to keep a property running where there are so many parts involved in the property, and therefore, facility management services have become the need of the hour!

Facility Management Services include all the essential services required to maintain a place. The scope of each place’s facility management will vary, but a facility manager oversees the exterior and the interior of a particular property. The facility manager also manages the maintenance of parking lots, landscaping, exterior lights, and other common areas of the building. Facility management services companies provide housekeeping services, support staff services, pantry services, pest control services, floor polishing services, carpet & sofa shampoo services, gardening services, security services, and façade cleaning services, HVAC (operation & maintenance), electro-mechanical services, plumbing services, and more.

Importance of Facility Management Services

The facilities of a place include the office complex, physical resources of the place, and the mechanical and electrical utilities that can cause any safety and health hazard to employees.

Top Facilities Management Companies help in tackling any kind of situation that a business can face while coordinating with its people and their health and safety responsibilities., while delivering world-class service, through technology-led solutions Some of the main factors that facility management considers critical are listed below:

  • Improving the cost-efficiency of the company
  • Proper management of the health and safety requirements of the people in the company
  • Increasing the lifespan of the assets of a company
  • Maintaining and monitoring the compliance of the company

Benefits of Facility Management Services

As mentioned above, it is very beneficial for large and small building owners to hire facility management companies for their long-term and short-term facilities management needs. Some of the benefits of hiring facility management companies are mentioned below:

  • Ensure the Safety of the Building

One of the prime reasons why most companies hire professionals for facility management is to provide security and safety to the building. The professionals of the facility management services companies look after every specific aspect of the building and take care of its internal and external properties.

  • Minimizes the Cost for Companies

Since facilities management brings everything under one package, it becomes easy for the company to minimize investment and guarantee maximum care. The outsourced agency bears complete responsibility of the services through tightly knit SOPs and SLAs.

  • Allows Companies to Focus on Targets

One of the most significant benefits of hiring an external company to manage the facilities is that it will enable the company to focus on its goals and targets. The external company looks after all the other aspects of the premises and lets the company focus on business expansion. This is done with technology-enabled solutions that deliver measurable benifits.

Why choose RARE Hospitality?

RARE Hospitality is amongst the top facilities management companies that work diligently to get your company to be its best version, both physically and economically.

Having over three decades of experience, RARE Hospitality has been extremely successful in managing some of the marquee clients. After joining its hands with SIS, India’s largest Business Services Group, RARE Hospitality has moved forward towards providing strong growth projections and leadership support to its clients through its exceptional services.

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