Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 Confirmed By WHO

Airborne transmission of COVID-19 confirmed by WHO

Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 Confirmed By WHO

Hospitality services were taken by a major shock when the World Health Organization confirmed that COVID-19, the virus responsible for the recent pandemic, could be airborne and can survive in the atmosphere for up to 8 hours. This has led to changes in the societal rules, regulations, and the treatment process of the infected patients as well. Hospitality services worldwide are trying to accommodate their services accordingly, in light of the recent update of this virus by the WHO. No more than ever, you must follow the guidelines set forth by the government and various health organizations.

Why choose RARE Hospitality?

Hospitality services such as RARE Hospitality are among the top hospitality services in India and have over 30 years of experience in this field. They have partnered with various established organizations to provide premium healthcare and hospitality services. With the current global pandemic, it is vital to choose the right hospitality service that provides high-quality services, which is the need of the hour, more than ever. They keep in touch with the growing technological advancements in the modern-day society and incorporate them within theirservices. Here are the different services provided by RARE Hospitality for various organizations:

  • Hospital hospitality services

Hospitality services in hospitals are one of the most crucial jobs to complete. It is a place where many sick people are regularly around, and with a virus such as COVID-19, which can stay on metal surfaces for a longer period, the hospital must be regularly sanitized. RARE Hospitality provides professional hospital housekeeping services that eliminates the chances of cross-contamination and infections through thorough hygienic cleaning. ‘Smart trolleys’ are used to ensure efficiency and convenience to cleaning professionals while cleaning a massive building such as a hospital.

  • Hospitality services for Hotels

Hospitality services are provided for hotels too. From room house-keeping to public areas of the hotel, you can trust RARE Hospitality to give you complete hygienic conditions all around the hotel. Post-pandemic travel is going to be different, and thus, the appropriate measures are taken by this hospitalityservice institute to tackle such problems. The cleaning techniques and methods are time-efficient and give effective results.

  • Automate Housekeeping hospitality services

Keep your home safe and hygienic with the impeccable housekeeping services provided by this organization. A place like home is usually where we let our guards down, and unwind so we must ensure its regular cleaning. RARE Hospitality avoids all the traditional methods and uses advanced technological methods to clean your home. These progressive and innovative methods also enable the employees to increase the coverage area while cleaning and thus improves it’s effectiveness.

  • General hospitality services

Hospitality services such as patient care are also handled by this organization. Every employee is trained to look over patient care essentials, such as transferring them from one department to another and keeping track of the patient’s inter-personnel files. They provide an extra set of hands and eyes to the nursing staff to increase patient satisfaction and care.

To sum up,

Hospitality services all around India have started changing their core operations to battle what is now an airborne virus. RARE Hospitality has made the necessary technical and manual changes to provide its clients with only the best hospitality services any firm has to offer.


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