How to Improve the Housekeeping Services at your Hotel


How to Improve the Housekeeping Services at your Hotel

Making the Most of Housekeeping in Your Hotel

You might have the fanciest hotel with world-class amenities. However, that is not enough to attract and retain guests. What becomes paramount to your visitors is the housekeeping services that you offer. Everything from the way they are received to the cleanliness of the room and the promptness of the services leaves a lasting impression on your guests. It helps them decide if they want to be associated with your brand. Many hotels tend to focus on the amenities and fail to invest in a well-trained hospitality management staff and set themselves up for failure. If you run a hotel, here is how you can ensure that the housekeeping services in your property are top-notch.

Have A Clear Plan

Hotel management requires knowledge of how best to keep the hotel in order. It is essential to have a good leadership structure amongst the housekeeping staff. The cleaners should work efficiently and maintain the high standards that the guests expect. By clarifying the housekeeping workers’ expectations, they can prioritize tasks easily and focus on the most critical tasks first.

The structure of the cleaning plan should be such that it is easy to identify which tasks are the most important and should be performed first. This will ensure that the hotel stays tidy, especially in the high season. It will also create a greater sense of order in the hotel. This will go a long way in improving the experience of the guests.

Ensure Everyone Understands the Priorities

Hotelkeeping is a difficult job. The housekeeping staff has to deal with demanding guests in the hotel lobby and their rooms every day. This is particularly difficult when there are many guests at the hotel, and the housekeeping staff has to clean many rooms during a shift. As a result, the housekeeping staff may skip some of the tasks that the guests have requested them to do. 

This is especially when there is a lot of cleaning for rooms that have been occupied for several days. Ensure that the housekeeping staff understands your business’s priorities. It is vital to ensure they follow through on the guests’ work in their rooms and the hotel lobby. If you have a rotational shift system, assign straightforward tasks to everyone based on their floor, rooms, and roles to avoid confusion. 

How to Use Technology to Improve Housekeeping Services?

Embrace the use of technology to assign duties, track task progress, and follow up on requests from the guests. Besides that, you can also embrace technology and automate the cleaning services with the help of new-age housekeeping robots. 

This will reduce the scope for human error and increase the accuracy of the cleaning. Using robots to clean will also reduce the number of accidents at the hotel, as room attendants and cleaning staff have the highest accident cases in the service industry. 

Recruit Professional Agencies

Businesses that require a lot of cleaning and service staff often turn to professional cleaning agencies for help. In many cases, a cleaning company can connect a client with ready and willing individuals to do the job. The Internet is an excellent resource for cleaning companies and their clients. Some cleaning companies maintain their websites, and other businesses benefit from a quick search of their preferred search engine. The agency will take care of every aspect of cleaning and housekeeping with their own trained personnel. 

Most housekeeping agencies take care of everything from recruiting, training, and monitoring of their staff, thus saving the hotel ample time, money, and resources on housekeeping. As the professional agencies have a reputation to maintain and their entire focus is only housekeeping, you can be sure that they would do a thorough job. This means you can focus on the other operations of the business without breaking a sweat about the experience your guests have or the cleanliness of the facilities. 


Many things go into keeping a hotel running smoothly. Many people work hard to make sure that guests feel right at home. There are some ways to make housekeeping services much more efficient. Some of these ways include having a checklist, a database that has all your clients’ information, making sure that the housekeeping department is a part of the management team, and making sure that they are regularly trained. 

We hope you found this blog helpful in improving your housekeeping services. If you have any questions on housekeeping services, please contact us, and we will get back to you. 

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