How Do You Carry Out Facility Management in Residential Properties


How Do You Carry Out Facility Management in Residential Properties

Facility management services in residential areas differ from other organizations like corporates and healthcare institutions because there are many stakeholders and owners in residential properties.

Residential owners may be willing to keep their homes clean but would likely expect someone else to keep the outside premises clean. Often managing committees in residential societies look for third-party vendors to provide complete facility management solutions to manage the residential premises.  

Residential properties could be single or multiple apartments, high-rise or otherwise, individual homes, and gyms and pools. Furthermore, the scope of services for facilities management companies in keeping the premises clean and hygienic is broader. There may be repetitive tasks every day or even one-off services like repairing damages. 

Rather than a standard ‘one size fits all’ service mindset, facility management can be changed and modified to include unique and flexible services to the particular property. Depending on the size of the residential property, the number of services also differs. 

Elements Of Good Facility Management In Residential Properties

Facility management teams can provide excellent services when working with the residents. Facility managers should ideally create a handbook of dos and don’ts that residents would be expected to follow. The handbook can cover rules and regulations about residential property maintenance and common areas like parking lots, gymnasiums, pools, and parks. If residents willingly follow the guidelines, it will help the facility management teams keep the premises clean and in optimal working conditions.  

Here are a few ways residential properties can be kept clean, hygienic, and safe for residents. 

1. Partner With An Excellent Security Service

Security services are usually an integral part of facility management services. Security services are essential to keep the residents safe in their homes and secure the residential premises from thefts and other criminal activities. Ideally, security teams in residential properties work in shifts and provide 24/7 protection to the residents.

Security services also include creating emergency evacuation plans that can help residents evacuate their homes in case of natural emergencies like earthquakes, floods, and fire. Vendor and visitor management also falls under security services, as the security teams oversee entry and exits. 

Security services need to be adept with technology as it would benefit them in doing their work. For example, security cameras, centralized recording systems, and instant communication devices would help security teams coordinate and provide excellent services. 

2. Ensure Housekeeping Services Are Top-Notch With No Delays

Housekeeping services in residential buildings include keeping the entire premises clean and free from unwanted debris. The housekeeping team is also tasked with the disposal of garbage and waste that every resident leaves outside their homes. The team may also need to respond to calls made by residents for cleaning up messes on the premises. 

3. Scheduled Cleaning Of Property

Other than residents’ homes, most residential properties also have free space for residents to walk or play around. Plants and trees in and around the Property may shed dry leaves and twigs that may need to be swept clean every day. Facility managers need to create cleaning schedules that can be followed at regular intervals without inconveniencing the residents.  

Cleaning includes the interior premises like elevators, stairs, and storage rooms. Routine cleaning both inside and outside the premises ensures that the surroundings are free from debris and errant garbage.

The facility management must also ensure that fire safety protocols are followed appropriately. For example, fire extinguishers need to be filled and ready for use whenever the need arises. Facility managers also need to ensure that fire drills are conducted to make the residents aware of the steps to be taken in case of fire emergencies. 

4. Waste Management Services To Comply With Sustainability Goals

Waste management has gained importance in the last few years, particularly regarding waste segregation. Most residential premises charge the residents with segregating their household waste into organic wet waste that can be used for compost and fertilizers, dry waste like papers and plastic that can be recycled, and hazardous waste like blades and glass.

Facility managers can authorize the housekeeping team to enforce the waste segregation rules and ensure that correctly handling waste management. 


Facility management in residential properties is an all-around requirement. Unlike offices and schools, there are people around 24/7. Therefore, facility management services need to be available to keep the premises clean and organized irrespective of time. 

Choosing and hiring a facility management company, while necessary, is no easy task. Depending on the types of services and the goals for residential property management, the cost of hiring may also be more. However, while residents may balk at paying a fraction more maintenance charges for competent facility management services, ultimately, it is a long-term investment that will help keep the residential properties and amenities safe, clean, and hygienic for residents’ use. 

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