Automated Aerial Disinfection and Why it is Important

Automated Aerial Disinfection and Why it is Important

Here Is Why You Need Automated Aerial Disinfection


The hard truth about our world is that it is full of germs and harmful micro-organisms. These germs are always ready to attack your body and cause severe health problems. Some of these germs, like the COVID-19 virus, are more harmful than others.  

In such circumstances, disinfecting surfaces as well as the air around us is critical for humans survival. Disinfecting surfaces requires contact, right? What about the areas that are not easily accessible to you or your sanitation staff?  

This is where aerial disinfection comes into the picture. What is it, and how is it important? Let’s find out.  


 Aerial Disinfection 

As the name suggests, aerial disinfection is all about disinfecting and sanitizing the surroundings using spraying equipment. While conventional sanitization methods are highly effective, aerial disinfection takes it a step higher by making sanitization a zero-touch or touch-free process.  

But why should you perform aerial disinfection? 

The quality of air indoors has an impact on the body’s health. The better the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), the better is your health.  


Did you know? 

Indoor air pollution is much more harmful than outdoor air pollution. 

 Polluted air indoors is generally linked to smoke produced during cooking, heating, etc. Such polluted air can cause respiratory problems like asthma.  But polluted air doesn’t have to be limited to smoke and fumes alone. It can also refer to air contaminated with germs and harmful organisms that cause diseases. This is why health experts and medical organizations ask you to avoid crowded places in enclosed areas due to the COVID-19 virus.  

As you spend most of your time indoors, improving IAQ is necessary. Aerial disinfection can help you achieve that. It creates a safe, clean, hygienic, and sanitized environment for you and the people around you.  

What more? Apart from making disinfection a touch-free process, aerial disinfection is also effective in reaching areas that are hard to reach or inaccessible through the conventional method. This way, you can achieve 100% coverage. 


Benefits of Aerial Disinfection in the Healthcare Sector 

Aerial disinfection is efficient in every sector or industry. One such industry is healthcare.  Today, the medical sector is the backbone of the world as its services to the people are exceedingly essential. However, as the coronavirus pandemic has overburdened all the hospitals and medical facilities, it is vital to look into the usage of aerial disinfection in such places.  

Here are a few benefits of aerial disinfection in the medical sector. 

  • Aerial disinfection reduces the transmission of diseases between the patients and hospital staff as it sanitizes the air. 
  • It improves indoor air quality. 
  • Aerial disinfection also helps in surface disinfection as the released disinfectant particles form a layer on all the surfaces. 
  • It can disinfect vast areas in a quick time. 
  • It creates a sanitized and sterile atmosphere which is crucial in all medical centers.  

 Limitations in the Process 

While it is good to know about the benefits of aerial disinfection in the healthcare sector, it is also valuable to learn about its limitations.  Firstly, you should know that there are different approaches or methods in aerial disinfection. Unfortunately, a few of these approaches have certain shortcomings.  

  • Spraying – Spraying is a widely used approach in aerial disinfection. However, in this process, the disinfectant particles stay in the air for short periods only.  
  • Fumigation – The chemicals used in fumigation are harmful to the health. Hence, this process can only occur in empty buildings, which is practically not possible for hospitals.  

Due to the ill effects of a few chemicals used in some disinfection methods, ultraviolet light is another method used in the process.  


Leveraging Technology to Enhance Aerial Disinfection 

The power of technology is so supreme that there is no stopping it. Today, technology has made its mark in every sector and is constantly revolutionizing them.  As mentioned earlier, aerial disinfection has made the process zero-touch. But how about eliminating the need for human presence?  

Now, drones have become a popular medium of aerial disinfection. During trying times like the pandemic, drones can help stop the transmission of the virus. 

The quantity of disinfectant that each drone carries, the distance it can cover, and its endurance primarily depend on the drone’s size (like micro-drone and mini-drone). Despite this, the automated approach of aerial disinfection using drones is four times faster and more efficient than manual disinfection.   

An Approach With Results 

During the initial stages of the lockdown, the Tamil Nadu government hired a Chennai-based start-up to disinfect hospitals and public areas and reduce the transmission of coronavirus using drones.  The start=up deployed 300 drones and 500 UAV pilots for the mission. Each drone was capable of carrying 15-20 liters of disinfectants. Through this unique approach, they were able to disinfect hospitals and public areas without human presence remotely 


The RARE Input 

RARE, an SIS group enterprise is a facility management company that deals in hospitality management and maintenance services. In maintenance, our focus is to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) for a safer world.  

Among the various sectors that we cater to, hospitals and healthcare are one of them. Through our healthcare facility management services and intelligent surface disinfection program, we help you prevent and control hospital-acquired infections.

We also offer different aerial disinfection solutions that utilize Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) to improve IAQ. Listed below are our RARE solutions.


Watmizer/ UVGI Ultra Coil

Have troubles with viruses and foul odor in the air? Use our UVGI ultra coil between your AHU coil and filter to eliminate such contaminants. The UV ultra coil also extends your coil life and improves your AHU’s cooling efficiency.

UVGI Ultra Duct

Viruses require a living cellular organism to mutate. These living cells tend to accumulate inside the AHU’s duct. Our UVGI ultra duct avoids any mutations by removing the living cells from the air duct.

 Portable UV Tower

Commonly touched surfaces and working floors are breeding zones for germs, viruses, and bacteria. Our portable UV tower can efficiently eliminate such organisms and create a clean and sterile environment for you. The best part about this solution is that it does not require any water or chemicals, thus making it completely risk-free.

 Install an Upper UVGI

When an infected person coughs or sneezes, the chances are high for a healthy person to inhale the contaminated particles, especially in hospitals. To avoid this from happening, consider installing an upper UVGI or rooftop UVGI lamp at your facility. This solution is safe and can be used during occupancy hours as well.



In a nutshell, disinfection and sanitization are crucial as it improves the air quality and reduces the transmission of diseases, especially in the medical sector. Aerial disinfection is an effective way of doing this, as it kills all the germs without any physical presence.  

Opt for aerial disinfection today and do your bit in making the world a safer place.

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