Meeting Guest Expectations In Hospitality In The Post Covid World

Meeting Guest Expectations

Meeting Guest Expectations In Hospitality In The Post Covid World

How Do You Make Your Guests Happy With Your Hospitality In The Post-Covid World?

COVID has radically altered the way we live our lives, inevitably causing a lot of organizations to rethink their business models to succeed in the post-corona world. Hospitality and allied services have been among the ones most affected by this health crisis. However, with hotels slowly opening up, there is a ray of hope among many who work in this industry. Renewed guest expectations are going to be among the biggest challenges for hoteliers today. Only those that can satisfy their guests can expect to thrive in the competitive environment.

Worried about how you would meet guest expectations in the unpredictable post COVID world? Here are seven ways to help you in your quest to make your business the best.

Stronger Focus On Health and Safety

Guests will accept nothing less than the best health and safety measures from your hotel. The pandemic has brought health and hygiene back into the spotlight; today, guests expect frequent disinfection of commonly used surfaces along with readily available hand sanitizers.

This means that you need to train your staff on safety measures such as the use of masks, gloves, and frequent temperature checks. It would also help to prevent crowding in common areas to ensure that physical distancing is possible. 

With all these measures in place, your guests must be made to feel secure during their stay. Make your safety protocols known to your guests. Make it convenient for them to raise an alarm when in doubt. Going the extra mile would certainly help your guests feel more at ease.

Staying Environmentally Conscious

COVID has made a lot of people realize that we are all in it together. The sooner we realize that this planet is all we have, the better. Neither would your guests like to see wastefulness nor would the planet. 

As it is often said – reuse, reduce, recycle. Adopt sustainable ways to run your hotel. Making use of solar energy or any other renewable source would be a much-appreciated way to power the premises. 

Using recyclable materials can go a long way in reducing waste. Follow the latest sustainability trends for more ideas that you can implement.

Priority to Digitizing Services

The hospitality industry is being rapidly disrupted by emerging technology. Guests want a seamless experience right from the time of booking to their check out. 

Guests expect services to be available at the touch of a button. It is wise to invest in a comprehensive software package that can help you with the operations. Digital payments are the way forward as they are quick and safe. 

Voice control technology in all your rooms will make life much easier for your guests and will reflect in their reviews.

Customized Experience

A personalized experience tailored precisely to the guest’s needs can be what makes or breaks their impression of your hotel. With technology, it is much easier now to build guest profiles that provide a clear picture of guest history, their preferences, and so on.

A customized experience would also require a dedicated team who are available to listen to guests and provide a suitable solution. Tailor-made packages, regular follow-ups would help the guest feel cared for. And who wouldn’t want that? 

Tech-Savvy Staff

It is not enough to simply digitize services and leave it at that. You need to build a team that is sufficiently tech-savvy to provide the best service possible.

The first step here is to decide clearly how much tech you wish to introduce into your business. The next step is to train your staff to use this tech to improve operations. A dedicated team to help your staff during the initial phase would make the transition easier. 

It is worth investing in the best technology if it is utilized well. Do not forget to periodically review your decisions so that you keep finding ways to improve.

Greater Focus on Holistic Wellness

The pandemic has helped a lot of people get their well-being back into focus. Many have re-dedicated themselves to living a healthier lifestyle. Naturally, guests expect hotels to help them in their quest for wellness.

Natural light, eco-friendly rooms, and other such facilities would attract wellness-conscious guests and make them glad. Natural therapies by certified practitioners will serve as a feather in your cap. 

Flexible Booking Policies

With COVID serving as a reminder that life is unpredictable and many folks having their fingers burnt, flexible booking is the need of the hour. 

Some guests would be hesitant to book too far in advance and may also feel the need to cancel due to unavoidable circumstances. Waving off / reducing cancellation fees will provide guests with much-needed flexibility.

In times like this, flexibility will be appreciated even more and increase your hotel’s attractiveness. 

In Conclusion

The hotel industry has seen some immensely stressful times in the past year. Hoteliers now wish to be back with a bang. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to meeting guest expectations. However, clear observations can drive hoteliers in the right direction. 

In times like this, it helps to think like the customer to understand their point of view. Ask yourself, “What would I expect for my hotel stay?”. By following the steps we’ve shared, you can help your business grow by leaps and bounds. 

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