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A Comprehensive Overview of Hospitality Facilities Management

A Comprehensive Overview of Hospitality Facilities Management

The hospitality sector faced several setbacks during the pandemic of 2020. The number of customers greatly dwindled due to lockdowns and consequent healthcare concerns.  However, the hospitality sector is expected to make a significant recovery in the years ahead. The sector is expected to capture a market share of $ 9905 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 16.4% from a market share of $ 4107.6 billion in 2022.  Even though the forecast is bright, hospitality businesses are...
Doctor in a hosptial holding patient notes

Keeping The Atmosphere Germ-Free at Your Healthcare Facility

Introduction Healthcare facilities are representatives of good health and vitality. This makes it necessary to maintain a safe, pathogen-free environment to garner the trust of those who come here to seek treatment. Eliminating health hazards isn’t just a matter of containment and sanitization; several other sources at a healthcare establishment can potentially spread diseases. For example, unclean water faucets and toilets can spread water-borne diseases. This necessitates taking measures to ensure a germ-free atmosphere in the healthcare sector through combined methods of...
Strategies To Improve Indoor Air Quality

The Importance of Hygiene in Healthcare: A Guide to Best Practices

Introduction Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are a global issue affecting millions of patients every year. Environmental contamination in healthcare settings plays a role in the transmission of these infections. To combat this issue, environmental cleaning must be an indispensable component of a comprehensive infection prevention and control program in hospitals. This blog will provide ten practical steps for maintaining a hygienic environment in hospitals and reducing the risk of HAIs. 10 Steps You Can Follow To Maintain a Hygienic Environment in Hospitals 1....
Hospitality Industry Embraces Cutting-Edge Technology in 2023

The Future is Here: Hospitality Industry Embraces Cutting-Edge Technology in 2023

The hospitality industry is definitely one of the most competitive and dynamic fields, where customer expectations are constantly evolving. It is essential to watch out for the latest technological trends to stay ahead. In this article, you will discover the must-know tech advancements for 2023 that every hospitality company should be aware of. Get ready to stay ahead of the curve and learn how to improve your operations and exceed customer expectations. The Technological Landscape of the Hospitality Industry The technological landscape...
Internal vs Outsourced Housekeeping and Maintenance: A Comparative Analysis

Internal vs Outsourced Housekeeping and Maintenance: A Comparative Analysis

Housekeeping and maintenance teams are an essential part of any workplace to ensure a safe and efficient working environment. Effective housekeeping practices involve keeping work areas neat, orderly, and free from hazards. It requires ongoing effort, planning, and attention to detail while preventing incidents such as slips, trips, and falls and reducing fire hazards and worker exposure to hazardous materials. In addition to these safety benefits, good housekeeping practices can lead to improved productivity, better use of space, and...
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