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September 2021

Automated Aerial Disinfection and Why it is Important

Here Is Why You Need Automated Aerial Disinfection Introduction  The hard truth about our world is that it is full of germs and harmful micro-organisms. These germs are always ready to attack your body and cause severe health problems. Some of these germs, like the COVID-19 virus, are more harmful than others.   In such circumstances, disinfecting surfaces as well as the air around us is critical for humans survival. Disinfecting surfaces requires contact, right? What about the areas that are not easily...
Handel technical snags in corporate hopusekeeping

How To Overcome The Technical Obstacles and Maintain Corporate Hygiene

Handling Technical Snags in Corporate Hygiene Just as you try to keep your homes clean and free from dirt and garbage, it is essential to keep your corporate environment hygienic as well. Keeping corporate offices clean provides employees and workers a decent environment to work. In addition, this cleanliness helps increase productivity among employees and provides a professional setting to encourage employees to work. One of the primary reasons to incorporate corporate hygiene is to maintain employees’ health. If employees spend most...

Protect Your University Campus From The Cost Of Contamination Diseases

Simple Steps To Keep University Campus Free From Contamination Diseases The visual appearance of a university is as vital as the value it provides to the students academically. No matter how reputed a university is, students would be more likely to avoid it unless it presents clean and hygienic surroundings. Lack of cleanliness could distract students from their aim of education and affect their performance in their studies. It may also hamper the quality of information imparted by the faculty teaches...

The Interpersonal Cost Of Overlooking Workplace Hygiene

How Workplace Hygiene Can Make or Break Employee Health Hygiene, in simple terms, is the process of incorporating multiple actions into one's lifestyle to keep oneself clean. Of course, keeping the environment clean is a priority. However, before you focus on your surroundings, you must take care of personal hygiene. Why is hygiene important? And why do organizations advocate for personal and workplace hygiene? Being hygienic and clean protects a person from falling sick due infections from bacterial and fungal infections. In...

Preparing your workplace for post-COVID-19 era

The current pandemic has halted our mundane lives and the working of the countries across the world. Government policies like lockdown and social distancing are implemented everywhere. However, it is ultimately our responsibility to abide by them. By taking precautionary methods such as hiring a leading housekeeping services provider, we can stop the spread of COVID-19, and soon we can continue with our lives. One such way is by wearing masks when stepping outside and using sanitizers. This will...

July 2020

Antimicrobial surface treatment

Antimicrobial surface treatment for offices and hospitals

With Coronavirus persisting for more than six months now, it is impossible to keep offices shut. Moreover, this is the time when hospitals are invaluable to the country. With such a crisis enveloping the nation, it is essential to think about protection from microorganisms. While basic hand sanitizers and PPE kits are distributed everywhere, an antimicrobial surface treatment for offices and hospitals is inevitable. Why do offices and hospitals need an antimicrobial surface treatment? Offices and hospitals witness multiple people walking...
Airborne transmission of COVID-19 confirmed by WHO

Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 Confirmed By WHO

Hospitality services were taken by a major shock when the World Health Organization confirmed that COVID-19, the virus responsible for the recent pandemic, could be airborne and can survive in the atmosphere for up to 8 hours. This has led to changes in the societal rules, regulations, and the treatment process of the infected patients as well. Hospitality services worldwide are trying to accommodate their services accordingly, in light of the recent update of this virus by the WHO....

June 2020

Top hospitality companies in India

Trusted Hospitality Management Company in India

Hospitality management companies manage the day-to-day operations of a hotel and take over hotel maintenance. In the present day, most of the hotels look for a hospitality management company so that the primary staff of the hotel can concentrate on providing exceptional services to the guests. Outsourcing hospitality services for a hotel helps to solve the more substantial challenges and take the hotel business to another level. What services does hospitality management include? Hospital Management: Hospital housekeeping services center around getting rid...
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