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December 2021

biomedical waste

How Should Hospitals Tackle Biomedical Waste?

Introduction Biomedical waste is a potential health hazard to the public, healthcare officials, the environment, and to the plants and animals living in that area. Hospitals are known to generate abundant quantities of biomedical waste, garbage, and filth while treating sick people, which can cause problems if not disposed of properly. Hospitals are needed to adhere to the protocols laid out by the Ministry of Environment and Forests act in 1986 and the Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules from...

November 2021


How Do Hospitals Internally Prevent The Spread Of Infections?

Hospitals deal with infected individuals every day. This makes it imperative to sanitize the facility down to the last inch and practice robust safety measures to ensure that the staff and employees- even the visiting individuals- aren't at risk of acquiring infections nosocomially. WHO has prescribed certain guidelines to prevent the spread of disease at healthcare facilities - all institutions should make it a point to follow them. Let's discuss how nosocomial infections spread and what steps can be taken to...
Meeting Guest Expectations

Meeting Guest Expectations In Hospitality In The Post Covid World

How Do You Make Your Guests Happy With Your Hospitality In The Post-Covid World? COVID has radically altered the way we live our lives, inevitably causing a lot of organizations to rethink their business models to succeed in the post-corona world. Hospitality and allied services have been among the ones most affected by this health crisis. However, with hotels slowly opening up, there is a ray of hope among many who work in this industry. Renewed guest expectations are going to...
Emerging-Trends-In-Facilities-Management for Manufacturing-Sector

Emerging Trends In Facilities Management- Manufacturing Sector

The Evolution Of Facilities Management In The Manufacturing Sector The Manufacturing Sector has lately faced several pressures related to challenging economic times. The primary objective now for industries in this sector is to look for savings, reduce operating costs, and consider the long-term repercussions of both. This change in the market trend has made Facilities Management a ripe segment that incorporates standardization, consolidation, and bundling of tasks across facilities within the sector. Growth is slow across the globe considering inter-country trade...
Hotel Facilities Management Staff of RARE Hospitality

20 Ways To Make Hotel Facilities Management Services Efficient For Guests

How Facilities Management Services Can Have A Long-Term Impact On The Branding And Reputation Of Hotels   The Hotel Facilities Management services is all about ensuring high-quality services for the guests. Some of their regular tasks include improving energy-saving strategies, keeping rooms clean and sanitized, optimizing work operations, constantly striving to enhance the customer experience, providing effective housekeeping services, looking for innovative and more efficient practices, and reducing operating costs. Slow response, unexpected breakdown of service equipment, and lag in housekeeping and...

Can Facilities Management Can Impact The Patient Outcome

  Can Managing Healthcare Facilities Improve Patient Outcome? Creating a safe, hygienic environment for the staff, employees, patients, and visitors at hospitals is one of the cornerstones of managing healthcare facilities. But can it improve patient outcomes? , for starts, a healthcare facility is a space that acts as an enabler of safe, cautious practices and encourages well-being that isn't built in a day. Deliberations on establishing infrastructure and best practices are required to truly build, run and manage a health facility....

Employee Health: Why Maintaining Food Hygiene Is Important For Your Hospitality Workforce

Employee health refers to the physical and mental health of all those who work in an organization. When anyone talks about health, it is always about physical ailments. However, not many realize that prolonged physical illnesses could have a detrimental effect on one’s mental equilibrium.  Nowadays, most organizations prioritize the health of employees. There is a lot of media exposure on how companies treat their employees. Additionally, even corporate companies are becoming aware of how employee health impacts their productivity...
Rest room cleaning

Restroom Cleaning In The Retail Sector: A Breakdown of The Process

Best Practices For Restroom Cleaning In The Retail Sector Introduction  Did you know that the restroom facilities at your store, mall, or plaza play a huge role when it comes to your overall customer experience? That’s right; around 69% of people have had a bad experience, and 55% of customers never even return to do business with a company if the restroom conditions are poor.   More importantly, apart from its impact on a commercial retail business, an untidy restroom also harms people’s health.   Do you...
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